Lost some important files after factory reset?

Most of the computers & other devices like camera or mobile phones, come preconfigured with some settings, which is important for the working of a device. There are occasions when you might accidentally or intentionally reset your digital camera to its original factory settings. You might intentionally reset your camera either to get rid of the virus infection or while selling off your camera, so that no one can access your personal pictures. But the problem starts when you find that you did not take a backup or the backup is not updated with the recent files or the device holding the backup got corrupted & you are not able to access any of the files.

Consider a real life scenario to understand the scenario. You reset your Samsung digital camera to its original factory settings after taking a proper backup of all the pictures & videos on an external storage device. You then sold your camera to a friend. When you tried to open the backup files, you found that all the files are just shortcuts of the original files. No, matter how hard you tried, you were not able to locate the original files. This situation can be very painful as you might have many pictures & videos of your memorable moments.

Now you might be thinking that “How to get data back after factory reset?”. Don’t worry as the files lost after factory reset are still recoverable. The file that you think are permanently removed after resetting your Samsung camera to original factory settings, are actually not removed. The data is still present on your memory card, only the access to the files is lost. That is why the files are not visible. By using an efficient recovery tool, these files can be retrieved from a camera memory card, until they are not overwritten by some new files. (Visit http://www.samsungcamerarecovery.net/can-you-pictures-from-a-memory-card.html to know more about the recovery process.) Therefore, immediately stop using your camera or its memory card, once you find that some files are missing.

Other than factory reset, there are many other reasons due to which you might lose your precious pictures. Some of them are accidental or intentional deletion of pictures from your Samsung camera (read more), formatting the camera memory card while ejecting or deleting an unwanted photo, loss of images due to a serious virus infection, hard drive crash leading to file system corruption which in turn deletes the pictures or improper ejection or unmounting of the memory card while transferring pictures from the camera to the system.

The reason for picture or video loss from a Samsung camera can be anything, but by using Samsung Camera Recovery tool, it is possible to retrieve all the files efficiently. This software is also capable to restore RAW pictures that are created by digital cameras only. The tool has a wizard style interface that can be easily operated by any person without having any kind of technical knowledge. He / she just has to follow the on-screen instructions & the files will be retrieved. The tool is available as a free demo version that can be evaluated for the recovery process. You can restore photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 and all the other old and new versions of Samsung Smartphones by using this perfect recovery tool.

Steps to perform the recovery process –

Step 1 – Download & install the tool & run it.

Step 2 – From the main screen select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option.

How to Get Data Back After Factory Reset - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 3 – Now choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen.

How to Get Data Back After Factory Reset - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Fig 2 : Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 4 – Select the connected camera drive & hit the next arrow button to start the scanning process.

How to Get Data Back After Factory Reset - Select Drive

Fig 3 : Select Drive

Step 5 – After it finishes, a list of recovered data is displayed. Preview the files.

How to Get Data Back After Factory Resetd - Preview

Fig 4 : Preview

Step 6 – If the recovery results are satisfying then buy the full version to save the recovered pictures.

How to Get Data Back After Factory Reset - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered